Who Is Dr Rajani?

Hi. I’m Dr. Anil Rajani also known as Dr Raji, an internationally renowned Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Physician.

I have travelled the world teaching, lecturing and treating patients desiring the most youthful natural appearance that matches how they feel on the inside. I have trademarked 7 individual unique procedures and helped in the development of many devices and skin care applications.

I’ve spent the last 3 decades working in clinical practice and I quickly realized the best outcomes for any aesthetic services I provided were for those patients who were paying attention to supplements and nutrition. The problem was I couldn’t find pharmaceutical-grade, pure, high-quality supplements that were actually formulated by a physician for my patients. Thus I developed my Rajani MD® line in order to have the highest-quality and most bioavailable supplements in the world to help them look and feel their best. I wanted people to be able to order a product and know they were getting THE BEST !! Everything about my skin care and supplements are meant for those seeking ease of use and education should they wish.Every product is backed by many educational and informative videos from HOW TO use it to WHY they should use it. This makes it easy for You the office to quickly and easily provide the products to your clients without extending appointment time.

Conventional Aesthetic Medicine relying on only Lasers, Fillers and Botox has failed the world. Most people want to look and feel naturally beautiful and vibrant without looking like something or someone else. This is because they place too little emphasis on their holistic self, nutrition, exercise and supplements. This is a huge industry shift that is happening now and I want you to participate.

Make it an AMAZING DAY!!

Anil Rajani, MD