Our Philosophy

Several years ago, Dr. Rajani began developing his own skincare line. He found that many patients came to the clinic disappointed with the skin creams and topical serums that they purchased for hundreds of dollars at various internet, overseas and retail locations. His patients were also confused by the vast array of products and most had various products from companies they purchased on impulse. “It was not uncommon for a patient to bring in a shopping bag full of old creams and cleansers worth thousands of dollars and ask me how to use them” Dr. Rajani recalls.

Realizing the meticulous care that he had taken with his patients to optimize their facial fillers, laser procedures, and neuromodulators, it only stood to reason that his patients should demand the same from their topical skin care. While developing his line, he realized that one of the most determining factors of effectiveness was the freshness and quality of ingredients that went into the products. Most products that his patients were buying were mixed and developed almost a year before getting into their hands; furthermore, the concentration of active ingredients was very low to start with.

From this came Rajani MD Beauty and Wellness. His goal is to provide a fresh, high concentration, safe and easy to use line of beauty and wellness products using active ingredients proven to work through science. Some of the actives he uses are time proven while others are newer and proprietary. Whether patients want a stand alone product or they are looking for a product to bridge the gap between their medical spa treatments and increase the effectiveness of procedures, Dr. Rajani MD delivers.